2557 Days

Our upcoming project on May 22nd, 2024 - '2557 Days'. Donate bracelets, find out why the project was created, and more.

One Love Manchester Project (Coventry)

Read about the fan project that took place at Harry Styles' Love On Tour Coventry concerts on May 22nd and May 23rd, 2023.

If you were affected by the attack...

There is no shame in getting help after the attack, no matter how it affected you or how long it's been since it happened. Below are links to a handful of resources that I personally have found helpful in my healing journey, I can't recommend them highly enough.

Preventing Terrorism

Reporting suspicious behaviour won't ruin lives, but it may save them. Find resources below on how you can prevent terrorism, what to do if somebody you know is being radicalised, and how to keep yourself safe at events.

Eilidh's Trust

Eilidh's Trust raises funds to further musical education for children in rural areas, and maintain Eilidh MacLeod's memorials.

About Us

We are a small team of survivors and people affected by the attack, passionate about bringing awareness to the events of May 22nd, 2017. Through public projects, charity events and terrorism awareness movements, we advocate for the proper support for terrorism survivors and the proper handling of terrorism risk.

Our Founder

"Hello! I'm Lyric, 21, and am proud to have founded the One Love Manchester Project in 2023. Everything I do is memory of my beautiful, talented friend Eilidh MacLeod, in honour of all of the things she'll never get to do, the whole life she had left to live that was stolen from her. You can find me across all socials as @eilidhsadventures."

Contact Us

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 7 working days.
For media enquiries, please email only.

2557 Days Project - Now recruiting helpers!

The 2557 Days Project

For the 7th anniversary of the Manchester Arena Attack, we will give away 2557 friendship bracelets made by people across the world. Each bracelet will represent one day since the attack, a day of loss and love and pain and strength for those affected. Every bracelet's QR code will link to resources for survivors of terrorism and terrorism prevention.

How do I take part?

Use the buttons below to register interest in donating bracelets or helping us hand them out on the day. (Please note: Bracelets must be sent via post by May 1st.)

What kinds of bracelets can I donate?

We are accepting all kinds of bracelets! Whether they're made of plastic beads or string, glass beads or crystal, we need your bracelets! Just be sure to keep the themes light hearted and avoid themes of death/negativity. Otherwise, let your creativity flow! If you're unsure on if you could donate your bracelets, feel free to contact us - we're here to help!

How will the bracelets be given away?

Bracelets will be given away for free as random acts of kindness in and around Manchester City Centre on May 22nd (including at the Glade Of Light and Victoria Station memorials).

Why bracelets?

"Bracelet trading is an evergrowing part of concert culture and is becoming a staple within fandoms. It's one concert tradition that I know Eilidh would have loved and it pains me that she isn't here to experience it. This anniversary, I would love to spread the joy of bracelet trading throughout Manchester in her memory."
- Lyric H, One Love Manchester Project Founder

Coventry Arena, 2023

A concert fan project in loving memory of dedicated Harry fan and Manchester Attack victim Eilidh MacLeod, and the other 21 innocent lives lost on May 22nd, 2017 at Manchester Arena.
Find all of your information regarding the project and how it went here.

A message from our founder

"My friend, 14 year old Eilidh MacLeod, was one of the victims. She loved Harry Styles and was so excited to see him live upon the hearing his debut album. Her favourite songs were Sign Of The Times and Sweet Creature - but sadly, she passed away only 10 days later, at the Manchester Attacks on May 22nd, 2017. By coincidence, Harry did a show in Coventry on the exact date of the attack, 6 years afterwards - it was the perfect opportunity for me to memorialise Eilidh and our 21 other angels, and to make something positive of a day which brings so much pain for families across the country. Pink was one of Eilidh's favourite colours, so we turned Coventry pink for her."

What was the project?

During Sign Of The Times on May 22nd and 23rd 2023, fans held up posters of the One Love Manchester ribbon. They also filled the arena with pink lights. Harry Styles made bunny ears with his fingers as his own version of the signs fans were holding, and said: "Thanks for holding all those signs up, that was beautiful, thank you so much."